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Notifications about ERIP payments

To keep your IT-system notified of any changes of the payment request statuses and of processed payments, bePaid uses webhook notifications that are sent to notification_url indicated in the request.

Webhook notifications are POST-requests with your authorization data that contain JSON-serialized details of an ERIP payment request.

Verify your authorization credentials to make sure you got a request from bePaid.

Notifications are sent out if a payment status is changed to pending, expired, failed or successful.

Parameter Type Description
transaction object
status string A payment status.
message string A system message.
type string payment
amount integer An amount in minimal currency units.
currency string BYN
description string An order description.
uid string A transaction UID.
id string A transaction ID.
order_id string The order_id value from the payment request.
tracking_id string The tracking_id or order_id value from the payment request.
expired_at string An expiry date of the payment request. Missing if the request is timeless. Refer to the description of the expired_at payment request parameter.
paid_at string A date when the payment was made at. Missing if the payment is not made yet. Refer to the description of the expired_at payment request parameter.
created_at string A date when the payment request was created at.
language string A value of the language request parameter or en by default.
test boolean true if the payment request is a test. Otherwise, false.
payment_method_type string erip
additional_data object A section of additional payment information.
notifications array Types of notifications sent to the customer when a payment request is created.
receipt_text array Text added to a notification email sent out to the customer. Represented as an array of strings.
billing_address object A section for additional customer information.
first_name string The customer's first name.
middle_name string The customer's middle name.
last_name string The customer's last name.
country string The customer's country.
city string The customer's city.
zip string The customer's zip.
address string The customer's billing address.
phone string The customer's phone number.
customer object A section of additional information about the customer.
ip string The customer's IP address.
email string The customer's email.
payment object A payment section.
ref_id string The ERIP reference number of a transaction.
message string The ERIP message.
status string The ERIP payment status.
gateway_id string The ID of the gateway that processed the payment.
erip object A section of ERIP payment details.
request_id integer The ERIP request ID.
service_no integer The ERIP service number assigned by bePaid.
account_number string The order, bill, agreement or account number for a payment via ERIP.
transaction_id integer The ERIP transaction ID.
instruction array Information to describe how to find the payment request in the ERIP service tree. Represented as an array of strings.
service_info array The order description shown to the customer before a payment via ERIP. Represented as an array of strings.
receipt array An array of information lines shown to the customer in the payment receipt.
agent_code integer The payment agent code.
agent_name string The payment agent name.
service_no_erip integer The service number assigned by ERIP.
qr_code_raw string base64-encrypted data to generate a QR code.
qr_code string The base64-encrypted .PNG picture of the QR code. To show the QR code, embed the qr_code value as the img HTML tag: <img src="qr_code value here">.
Notification example
    "message":"The payment request is created.",
    "description":"Payment for Order#123",
        "middle_name": "Ivanovich",
        "address":"Nezavisimosti street, apt. 1",
        "service_info":["Payment for Order#123"],
        "instruction": ["'Raschet' ERIP-> Online shops/services-> B ->"],
        "receipt":["Thank you for payment for order#123"]