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Faster Payments System (SBP)

Payment flow

The Faster Payments System payment flow contains the following steps:

  1. You initiate a payment request.
  2. The system submits a request to the payment method provider. The Faster Payments System generates a QR-code used to complete a payment.
  3. You get a response and redirect your customer to the received URL.
  4. Your customer gets the payment QR-code and completes the payment.
  5. You get a webhook notification about a payment status, if you send notification_url in the payment request.

This alternative payment method supports the following operations:



Send a payment request with the following additional data:

Parameter Type Description
method object A section of the payment method information.
string sbp

The payment response additionally contains the form section with the URL of a page with the QR-code. Redirect your customer to the URL received as a value of the form.action parameter.

Payment status query


To check a status of the payment, send a transaction status query.


The response contains the transaction status, a section of the payment method as well as other details related to the transaction according to the description of a transaction status query.



To pay money back to the customer, send a refund request with the UID of the payment transaction.


The response contains the status of the refund transaction as well as other relevant transaction details according to the description of a refund transaction.