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The request allows you to void a transaction that has been previously authorized and is still pending settlement. Voiding a transaction cancels the authorization process and prevents the transaction from being submitted to the processor for settlement.


To initiate a void transaction, send a POST request to with the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
parent_uid * required
string A UID of the authorization transaction.
amount * required
integer A transaction amount to capture in minimal currency units, for example 1000 for $10.00.
duplicate_check boolean The parameter controls whether the payment gateway will do duplicate check of received requests to void a previously authorized amount. By default, it is true and requests with the same parent_uid and amount within 30 seconds will be rejected.
Example of the request
Parameter Type Description
transaction object
uid * required
string A UID of the processed transaction.
status * required
string A status of the processed transaction.
message * required
string A processing result message.
type * required
string A transaction type.
receipt_url * required
string A transaction receipt URL.
be_protected_verification object A section of parameters of the beProtected verification service.
Example of the response
         "message":"The operation was successfully processed.",
      "message":"Successfully processed",
      "receipt_url": "",